• Gene name examples:
    arabidopsis example: ufo or AT4G08980
    worm example: mec-7 or ZK154.3 or WBGene00003171
    fruitfly example: Sos or CG7793 or FBgn0001965
    budding yeast example: OXP1 or S000003637
    human example: EHHADH or ADH1B or ENSG00000171791
    mouse example: Thada or MGI:104847 or ENSMUSG00000078162
    fission yeast example: sds22 or SPAPJ698.03c
    rat example: Ada or 2741
  • Only accepts standard names from WormBase, FlyBase, Ensembl, MGI, RGD, SGD, or TAIR
  • Please input only one gene name
  • Download predictions (cutoff 4.6) plain-text files for arabidopsis, worm (with more details: worm), fly, human, mouse, rat, budding yeast, and fission yeast
  • Also available: Batch Processing search of Predicted Interactions